My name is Aleksandra.
I was born in Crimea, Ukraine in 1984.
I live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Currently in Paris, France.

My mediums are painting, performance, installation, video, literature and lots of mixed media.

In researching for identity, i reinterpret the different directions of the human being – from the corporeality and loneliness sharpened in it, to complex social structures that confuse the person interacting with them. 

Usually with my works I research the boundaries: inner, outer, imposed or born under self-censorship. Their necessity, preparation or destruction. The possibility of their interrelations.

My works are the only way for me to communicate and interact honestly with the outside world and myself as well. It is a visual language, that gives me an opportunity to express what I want to say, what I’m afraid to say, but what I am still saying, regardless of whether my message reaches you in its original or modified form. 

The goal of all my works is co-creation of author and viewer. That is why I always leave the vast field for interpretations for the viewer, because the moment of creation, the moment of art is for me somewhere between the piece and person’s glance.


S e  l  e  c  t  e  d     P  r  o  j  e  c  t  s

2022 | Blood Goes To Earth performance / Espace Enchante gallery Manior, Yvoire, France
2022 | Fairy Tales solo exhibition / Espace Enchante gallery Manior, Yvoire, France
2022 | The Captured House collective exhibition / Alte Munze, WEGIL gallery, Italy
2022 | The Captured House collective exhibition / Alte Munze, Berlin, Germany
2022 | Artist Support Ukraine collective exhibition / Ukrainska Konstarer i Sverige, Stockholm, Sweden
2022 | Artist Support Ukraine collective exhibition / Solvberget Gallery, Stavanger, Norway
2021 | Crimea is Here collective exhibition / National Museum of Kyiv, Ukraine
2021 | This is not a Dramatic Reading performance / Shcherbrnko Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
2020 | Artefact / Digital Exhibition, Ukraine, MADATAC Festival, Spain
2020 | Habitat. Manifest 2020. exhibition / Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2020 | Sharpen Blue solo exhibition / Chocolate House Art Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | Hidden Public solo project / Port Creative Hub, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | RE contexts / Mala Galery of Mystetsky Arsenal, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | Kyiv Photo / Lavra Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | Get off my cloud / Akt, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | Agenda / Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | Havana is not in itself solo exhibition / Not the Louvre, Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 | Akt / Artistic Residence, Kyiv, Ukraine
2015 | Art Action #onvacation / Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2015 | Industrial Symphony: UK / Donbas / IZOLYATSIA Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine



Private collections: Ukraine, Switzerland, Israel, Belgium, France